Kamal Deen Abdulai,Deputy communications Director of the NPP, has said members of the main opposition party-(NDC) are nation wreckers.
Their main purpose in the country is to win political power, create problems, and destroy the success of the NPP administration, he said.

He was speaking on dinpa anopa bosuo show host Nyarko Abronoma on dinpa 91.3.
Kamal Deen was reacting to a recent video by the aspiring NDC national onganizer on social media, purported to have incited students of the Tempane SHS against the NPP government on the challenges of the government’s flagship program Free S.H.S

“They have been trained to destroy the economy and that is exactly what Joshua Akamba did”.he Added.
He called on Ghanaians to exercise patience with the Nana Addo led government for exciting times are ahead.

He was optimistic that the NDC will never come back to power.
“Never again should we give back the nation to the NDC for this recklessness to be happening to us again” he stressed.

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