B/A tops in prayer camp-NGO


The CEO of the coalition of NGOs in health,Dr.Gabriel Bernakuu has expressed worry about the number of prayer camps in the region.

He said, the situation makes the fight against mental health problems challenging.
The CEO of MIHOSO International foundation, an NGO was speaking on dinpa 91.3 fm when reacting to the challenges confronting the health sector in finding solution to mental health issues.

He said, though persons confronted with such problems are mandated to seek spiritual assistance, but they fail to realize the importance of taking care of their health.

“Brong Ahafo has more prayer camps than any other region. From one community to the other, you will find a herbalist, a pastor and sometimes both operate under one roof”, he said.

However, he explained that, the issues surrounding mental health is more complex than only limiting it to the spiritual aspect.

Prayer camps are usually lumped into the category of faith-based healers. Most of these camps are situated at the outskirt of a town.

Dr. Bernakuu revealed that the leaders of these associations, prayer camps, traditional healers and herbal medicine practitioners should orient their people and supervise them.

“We know people who end up contracting different diseases at prayer camps and making their problems worse because most of them as chained”, he stressed.

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