1V-1D turned 1 road-many Dams-Ofosu Ampofo


The National Chairman aspirant for the NDC, Mr. Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, has condemned the New Patriotic Party-NPP, for failing to fulfill their campagin promise of constructing a Dam in a every village.

Mr. Ofosu Ampofo who has served his party in almost all the ranks, and is now vying for the position of the National Chaimanship,disclosed that, during his campaign tour to the Northern part of Ghana, he was expecting to see at least a Dam, as a sign to prove that, the NPP government is on course,unfortunatley ,he was shown roads with many potholes.

Speaking to Nana Akosua Ansah-the sit-in-host on Dinpa Anopa Bosuo today, Mr. Ofosu Ampofo quizzed if the potholes on the roads, are now replacing the dams as promised by the NPP.This according to him is a sign that, the NDC has a great chance of winning power come 2020.

Mr. Samuel Ofosu Ampofo who served as the Director of elections for his party in the just ended elections, is fully convinced that, the delegates has bought his message and that, they were going to vote for him massively.

According to him,he is in with three diffrent Agenda ,dubbed (The Three (3) Rs),
This implies that, he is ready to:Revive the party structures,Restore party core values and to Re-capture power.

For the good and hardwork of Mr Ofosu Ampofo, members of the NDC have given him the tittle”Adwuma wura” He appealed to the delegates to vote for winnable candidates,adding the win of former president His Excellency, John Drama Mahama, is going to make his work easier.


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