Police block RTI journos from entering parliament


Members of the Media Coalition on RTI, a group led by Mr Elvis Darko, Editor of the Finder newspaper, which is championing the passage of the Right to Information Bill (RTI), were, on Tuesday, 30 October 2018, refused entry into parliament house.

The members said they had planned a peaceful march to the legislature, to remind the House of the need to pass the bill.

A member of the group, Omaru Adam, told journalists that: “We are here to express our grievances concerning the bill; we don’t know where the bill is now. We were told the bill is at Cabinet, we were told the bill is at the AG’s, we were told the bill is at parliament, so, we are in parliament to find out whether the bill is there, and when we came this morning, too, the police were just asking us to move.

“… According to one of them, we have to write to them before we go to the public gallery” because “we [are] wear[ing] t-shirts of RTI. That is the reason that they gave us.”

Mr Adam said the police officers said they were given instructions by the top hierarchy of the security service that they “should not allow anybody from RTI” into parliament.

“They asked us to write to them, so, my colleagues are now writing it to submit to the police.”


Source: Ghana Dinpafm.com/91.3

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