Schengen visa grants in Ghana up 57% in 2017 – Study


Schengen consulates in Ghana issued a total of 10,347 Multiple Entry Visas (MEV) in 2017, which marked an increase of 57 of MEV visa grants compared to the previous year, has stated in a study.

According to the study, among over 16 million applicants that Schengen embassies collected altogether during the past year, Ghanaians accounted for 31,806, an increase of 15 per cent compared to the statistics of 2016.

An MEV visa is a type of Schengen visa that enables its holder to enter the Schengen zone any time he or she wants without needing to seek a Schengen visa every time he wants to travel.

Currently, the Schengen agreement applies three types of MEV depending on how frequently you are willing to enter the zone.

They are:

● 1-year multiple-entry visa
● 3-year multiple-entry visa
● 5-year multiple-entry visa

According to official statistics, 10,347 MEV visas issued to Ghanaian citizens during 2017, weighted for more than half (53.8%) of the total Schengen visa grants in Ghana.

In 2016, there were 6,584 MEV visa grants in Ghana.

The study revealed that the Netherlands remained the top favourite Schengen destination for Ghanaian applicants as the Netherlands Embassy granted 6,719 visas out of a total of 9,388 applications collected.

Among these Schengen visa approvals, a portion of 94.2 per cent or 6,326 of them were MEV visas topping the list also in this aspect.

The Netherlands Embassy was also a leader in terms of visa denials.

The consulate rejected 2,601 Schengen uniform visa application which equated to 27.7 per cent of the total applications collected at the embassy during 2017.

Overall, the list of preferred Schengen countries for Ghanaian citizens remained unchanged, with Germany, Italy and Switzerland being among top favourite destinations.

Important Schengen data related to the embassies of these countries is shown in the table below

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