Why Wendy Shay walked out furious during an interview

Astalavista singer, Wendy Shay probably didn’t just shock showbiz journalist MzGee with her unexpected response to a seemingly harmless question, she appears to have intrigued a lot more Ghanaians.

After having a fair share of trolls following rumors of her romantic affair with RuffTown records boss, Ricky Nana Agyemang, aka Bullet, Wendy Shay finally poured out her anger publicly.

Irritated Wendy Shay who was interviewed by JoyNews’ MzGee walked out during the interview after calling ‘dumb’, questions posed to her by the the Multimedia journalist.

The question “who is WendyShay”, which was actually a follow up to a previous response by the RuffTown records star to the effect that Ghanaians ought to accept ‘Wendy Shay’ for who she is, got Wendy in a completely different ‘mood’.

The Joy News presenter (MzGee) cited Wendy Shay’s alleged sexual escapade with Bullet prior to the release of her latest single“The Boy Is Mine” song which features Eno Barony.

Curious MzGee who was eager to confirm the allegations got nothing less than a ‘shut off’. Shay, obviously unhappy when the question was posed to her, responded saying it was a mere marketing strategy. For her, the issue had sparked enough controversy and should be left as history, “We’ve moved on, Ghanaians should accept me for who I am, Wendy Shay”.

To extend the conversation, MzGee asked, ‘Who is Wendy Shay’, a question that obviously struck a wrong nerve. “Are you asking who am I as Wendy Shay? Ok can we cut the question this is a dump question, I don’t want to do the interview anymore please”, was her response.

Wendy Shay has received trolls several times for wearing the same weave for three months and exhibiting her ‘black’ buttocks which social media users have described as ‘ugly’.



Source:Ghana Dinpafm.com / 91.3



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