CRM: Change is not easy but let’s embrace it- Chief

The Paramount Chief of Drobo in the Bono region, Okokyeredom Sakyi Ako II has charged Ghanaians to embrace change even though its not an easy thing to come about .

He was speaking to traditional rulers, representatives of the Police Wives Association, artisans, students of the Sunyani Technical University, the media and other Ghanaians during a stakeholder engagement on cylinder recirculation model organized by the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) at the Tyco City hotel in Sunyani on Thursday October 10, 2019.

The National LPG policy provides backing for a new LPG distribution model which is centred on the Cylinder Recirculation Model (CRM) as the market structure.

The CRM is the LPG distribution model which involves filling of LPG cylinders at bottling plants and then supplying the filled cylinders to consumers at specialized retail outlets called exchange points. The consumer exchanges his/her empty cylinder for a filled one at the exchange point.

Okokyeredom Sakyi II explained that “we were all confused with how the policy would work but after a thorough explanation by the officials of the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), I think we have to embrace it”.

“Change is not actually easy to come by, but this particular one is a good change that would help reduce the numerous fire outbreaks and deaths that has occurred over the years”, he added.

He called on the NPA to intensify the education of the safe use of LPG.

Meanwhile, the vice chairman of the LPG Marketing Companies Association of Ghana Mr. Gabriel Kumi reiterated the security of jobs of marketers if the policy is implemented.

“Nana Chairman, we currently have about 700 LPG stations spread across the length and breadth of Ghana. These stations have been able to sustain demand and consumption of LPG over the years. We continue to insist that the 700 LPG stations shall continue to be used as the sole sales and exchange points during the pilot and main implementation stages of the policy”, Mr. Kumi assured.

He added that “It is only fair and just that these indigenous Ghanaians who own these stations and who has built the LPG industry for the past 30years without any direct government support is given time and opportunity to expand”.

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